Humble Beginnings

The Rest of the "Before" Pictures

Exterior-Back Before

Kitchen Before

Yep, that's yellow tape holding the countertop together


Turquoise pipes, because who doesn't want to make a decorating statement with their plumbing?

Living Room Before

Main Bathroom Before

Blue toilet and oak seat, naturally.

Exposed Subfloor

Grouted tiles around the sink. 😱
Blue tub with mismatched black and burgundy tiles. Function over beauty, I guess.

Floral light cover that gave the room an interesting yellow glow

Shiny butterfly
Wallpaper w/floral curtain and towel covering the hole in the flooring

Close-up of the psychedelic wallpaper

Bedroom #1 Before

Bedroom #2 Before 

I couldn't find a proper "before" picture from when we bought the house, so I decided to include this embarrassing photo from when we had to shove everything in one room to renovate the other bedroom


Main Staircase Before

Attic Before

Yard Before

 There were 40 tires in total!

Our first pet, a garden snake

Welp, there she is, in all her glory. The place we call home. 


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