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Watch Me Plank!

Some men come home from work, walk in the door and surprise their wife by saying, "Let me take you out to dinner tonight."Our relationship is little different than that. My husband runs in the door and says, "I have a trailer full of 14 ft-long floor boards (600 sq ft of them!) and it's blocking the traffic on our street. Can you help me carry them all down the stairs before it gets dark?"And there I was, swept off my feet by a hopeless romantic.Side note: I should probably take this opportunity to apologize to everyone in our neighborhood who has ever been inconvenienced by us blocking the traffic or the sidewalk during construction.
Notice the sun setting quickly on us and the person on the left walking in the street because we blocked the sidewalk.  Even though our house was pretty much gut-renovated in the 1950's, we still wanted to have aspects of the design that were kept more in line with the age of the home, so we decided to put wide plank pine floor…

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